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Borrowing regulation

Borrowing warrant

1.  All users must produce a valid Soochow University ID card or library card each time when they want to borrow or return the books from the library. The card must be used by himself or herself, not by others.

2.  You must take care of your library card, it is your responsibility to go to the circulation counters to report the loss of your card if you lose it. After ten working days you can pay for ten CNY to get a new one.

3.  Your library card must be recalled when you graduate, You should return all you borrow from library, you will be charged 10 CNY if you loss it.

How to borrow:

1. Users can be required to show your library card when you enter the open-shelf stack room, select what you want to borrow and go to the counter to complete the appropriate loan procedure. Damaged books and marked pages should be reported at the Circulation counter as soon as noticed.

2. You may acquaint yourself with information about library's resources and your borrowing history through Online Public Access Catalogue System, and you may renew by yourself only once. You can reserve the book if it is loaned.

3. You may borrow the book you want in any libraries in Suzhou University , and return it in any libraries.

4. You must complete the appropriate loan procedures when you want to borrow books, you will be fined if you take the book out of the stack room without being permitted, You won't be allowed to borrow books if you use the others' library cards.

Borrowing Limits

The borrowing limits for different categories of users are as follows:

Category 1. All staff and graduate students: 16 volumes for 90 days

Category 2. Undergraduate students, visiting scholars and readers approved by the University Librarian:6 volumes for 60 days

Overdue & Losses

The responsibility of returning books on time lies with the borrower. All borrowers who keep books/items beyond the loan period are subject to a fine of 0.05CNY per day.

You must pay more attention to the book you borrow from the New-books reading room, you will be fined 0.5CNY per day if you keep it beyond the loan period.

It is the responsibility of the users to report the special circs when you have to leave for a long time, or you should return all ahead of schedule.

All borrowers are subject to overdue fine. For lost or damaged items, the user will be charged the cost of replacement plus processing fee.

Short Loans

All borrowers are allowed to keep a new book for 3 days in new-books reading room, No renewal can be allowed. If the book is not returned within the period, 0.5 CNY per day will be charged on each overdue item.


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