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These years,SUL inhances to cooperate with foreign libraries.Many organization and people have visited SUL.

1. Indian National Medical delegation visited Binglin Library in Dushu Lake Campus.(2007-06-06)

2. Laura Oldham, user services director of Liverpool University Library visited Binglin Library in Dushu Lake Campus.(2007-05-10)

3. Lin Guang, taiwan University Library Librarian, and others visited our library.(2007-05-10)

4. ory McGreal and Mr. Fathi Elloumi (two vice presidents of Canada Esebai University) visited our library.(2007-03-14)

5. South Korea Dazhen University delegation visited our libray.(2006-09-14)

6. Taipei Municipal University delegation visited our library.(2006-09-08)

7. The librarian of Portland State University Library visited our libray.(2006-08-26)

8. Japanese friends 吉留杉雄 visited Suzhou University.(2006-04-28)

9. DING Yuanji, librarian of soochow university library of taiwan, and other three directors visited our library.(2006-04-13)

10. Delegation of Brazilian university presidents visited Suzhou University Library.(2006-02-20)

11. 韩国大邱大学校2005年造型艺术作品展示会在我馆举行(2005-12-28)

12. he information and culture official of th United States embassy visited our library and made a lecture. (2005-11-28)

13. hen Xing Ping,technical director of city library of Alabama of USA visited our libray.(2005-09-28)

15. Some staff of the Council of Australian University Library visited our library.(2004-10-25)

16. 日本金泽星稜大学学长、东京学芸大学学长分别率团造访我馆 (2004-10-10)

17. 韩国大邱大学李在奎总长一行来我馆参观访问 (2004-06-20)

18. 韩国大真大学洪基亨校长一行来我馆参观访问 (2004-06-10)

19. 韩国朴三洙教授一行三人来馆访问交流 (2004-05-28)

20. The delegation of Macao's education sector (University Presidents) visited the library in Shizhi Street.(2004-02-25)

21. The libary staff of Hong Kong Baptist University Library visited our libray.(2003-10-25)






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