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1.Main Campus Library

The Main Library is located in the centre of the main campus with a beautiful environment and long history. The library contains plentiful collections and provides a high-quality service.

The Main Campus Library houses library collections that include English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, and Agriculture.

The eastern section of the building is administration area. The southern is interior working area. The western is reader's services area. And the northern is stack rooms.

First Floor This is where you'll find the Reference Desk, the Academician Hall of Fame, Lending Counter, the Recreation Reading Room, the OPAC query area, the Centre of Services, the Sharing Hall, The Recreation Reading Room is also called “Coffee by the Book and Journal”, because coffee, tea, cappuccino, and Coca-Cola are available for a small fee.
Second Floor New book reading room, Soochow University Scholars' Works, and Study Room. The reading-room's seats are up to 324. The New Book Reading Room provides the new book short lending.
Third Floor Periodicals Reading Room and Study Room, total 293 seats. The Periodicals Reading Room's key collection is scientific scholarly journals, and foreign language speciality journals.
Fourth Floor The Electronic Reading Room and VOD (Video-On-Demand). Networking area has 128 seats, 28 seats in the programming area, 64 seats in the VOD area, and some seats in the wireless networking (for free ) area also.
Fifths Floor Lecture Auditorium (242 seats) can hold various meetings and lectures.

2. Jingwen Library on Eastern Campus

Jingwen Library locates between ancient district and China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park . The whole building area amounts to 9,000 square meters. The library was built with contributions from HK Patriotic industrialist Zhu Jingwen. It opened in February, 1992. The building is very bright and quiet with four floors. The key collection is liberal arts information resources over 820, 000 volumes.

The Reserve Reading Room is located on the First Floor with 36 seats. Providing various reserve books over 150, 000 volumes from the library was established.

Lending Counter and New Books Reading Room are located on the Second Floor. The book stacks are divided into two independent parts according to CLC and LCCAS, all on open shelves for open access. There are 80 seats in the New Books Reading Room, and providing about 20,000 new books for short loan.

The newspapers and periodicals reading room and the e-reading rooms are located on the Third Floor. The newspapers and periodicals reading room Current periodicals

3. Northern Campus Library

Northern Campus Library locates the eastern of northern campus, built in 1978, named Suzhou Institute of Silk Textile Technology library. It amounts to 2,550 square meters formed T shape. The library contains books more than 400,000 volumes, 509 kinds of periodicals, 48 kinds of newspaper, and there are 268 seats for readers. The key periodical collection is about mechanical and electronic engineering, communication, textile materials and some related engineering scientific magazines. The dominating collections are about sericulture, silk, dyeing-finishing engineering, garment design, electron information and so on.

Northern Campus Library's layout:

First Floor Circulation, preservation, study room
Second Floor New book reading room, library office
Third Floor Periodicals Reading Room and information searching Room
Fourth Floor The Electronic Reading Room

4. Binglin Library on Dushu Lake Campus

Binglin Library locates on Dushu Lake campus. The library was built with contributions from an American industrialist, Tang zhongying, who was born in China and are Patriotic, The library is named for his father's name Binglin.

It is a modern library formed with a crystal lotus flower shape. It covers 2.4 hektares. The whole building area amounts to 32,000 square meters. There are 8 floors on the ground, and one floor underground. It can hold 750,000 volumes, the key collections are about humanities and social sciences, art, chemistry, chemical engineering, biomedical science and ancient-books, special collections, etc. It has more than 2,000 seats for readers, about 1,500 kinds of newspapers and periodicals, 50 kinds of databases. Binglin Library has been connected with main campus library, Jinwen library and northern campus library and some related information materials rooms from other departments, It is co-constructing and sharing the information altogether, forming a complete information guarantee system .

Functions of every floor:

The first floor preservation, circulation.
The second floor consultation, coffee bar, display hall. The public-sharing hall has some computers, it provides online public access catalogue system for readers to search information and consultation online.
The third floor

New-books reading room: It has 216 seats for reading ,also provides short-time books loaning.
Periodical reading room: It has 184 seats for readers, contains about 1300 kinds of newspapers and periodicals. and bound editions in Chinese for five years recently.

The fourth floor E-reading room It has more than 450 computers for the readers to search information, online inquire , literature-searching teaching , practice for learners
The fifth floor

Social science reading room (art reading and study room ): The key collection is about art books and magazines.
Natural science reading room ( foreign language reading and study room): The key collection is about books and magazines in foreign languages.
Academic research room: It is for the professors to use.

The sixth floor

rarebooks reading room: It contains ancient books about 140,000 volumes (contains about A,B kinds of reliable text 820 kinds ,comes to 6953 volumes.
Special collection reading room: It collects books characterized with Jiangsu southern local culture materials , there are about 20,000 volumes books published 1949 ago, and 2943 kinds of newspapers and periodicals(rare owned materials), there are more than 20,000 volumes on paperbound ancient books , literary history books and good editions reforged by China.

The seventh floor

Library offices






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