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1 How can I get a library card ?

All staff and registered students of the SUL are members of the Library. They can apply for a library card at no fee. All members must show a valid Soochow University ID card or library card each time they wish to enter the library. Others who wish to use the Library for study or research may apply for external membership.


2. How can I do when I lost my library card?

If you lost your library card you should report the loss of the card as possible as you can, after ten working days you will be issued a new one at cost 10 CNY. If you find the old one, you should free from the report the loss.


3. How to use the replacement card?

When you enter the stack room , you may find a piece of wood block , on which some numbers printed ,It is a replacement of book .if you draw the very book you want to read from the bookshelf ,you can put the replacement piece to exchange it. If you want to borrow , you may draw out the replacement from the shelf, when you don't want to borrow, you may replace it in the right position.

In order to keep the book arranged correctly on the bookshelf, please use the replacement!


4. Where to borrow the book I want?

You should be familiar with the resources distributing of the library. Different kinds of books belong to different libraries. Now the Soochow University Library consists of four libraries: the science library on the main campus, the social science and humanity library on the eastern campus (which called Jingwen Library), the medical and art information resource on the new campus (which called Binglin Library), and the engineering library on the northern campus.

5. How many books can I borrow? How long can I keep them?
All staff and graduate students can keep 16 volumes for 90 days.

Undergraduate students, visiting scholars and readers approved by the University Librarian can keep 6 volumes for 60 days.

6. Why to be fined ?
All borrowers are subject to overdue fine. The amount of which is determined by the policy approved by the University and included in the borrowing regulation. For lost or damaged items, the user will be charged the cost of replacement plus processing fee.


7. How to renew the book online and how long to keep them?

You can renew the book that is within the period online by yourself only once .a new due period will be the same as the original.

8. How much can I pay for overdue ?

All borrowers are subject to overdue fine. All borrowers who keep books/items beyond the loan period are subject to a fine of 0.05 CNY per day , a fine of 0.5CNY per day in new-books reading room.

9. How to count the valid period
based on 30 days a month, from the next day you borrow to the day you ought to return , you will not be fined if you delay for one day.

10. What's the OPAC system?

OPAC means online public access catalogue system, short for OPAC. Based on the web, it provides some functions such as renewal, reserving and new books recommending to buy. You may search for the information about library's resources and your borrowing history, the list of new books published recently, and so on..



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