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1.Notice to Users

1)  All staff and registered students of the SUL are members of the Library. All members must produce a valid Soochow University ID card or library card each time they wish to enter the library. Others who wish to use the Library for study or research may apply for external membership.

2)  The library is intended to be a place for quiet study. You are expected to make as little noise as possible and not disturb other library users. You must observe the silence rule in designated areas. Mobile phones and other devices likely to cause disturbance may not be used in the Library, unless their use is silent. Phones must be switched to silent mode on entering the library and may only be used for SMS (text) messaging. They must not be used for spoken conversation. Laptop computers must not be used in silence zones. You may be asked to leave if you disturb others.

3)  To keep a clean environment, spitting and littering are not permitted in the library. Library users should also mind their wearing. Those who are wearing shorts and slippers should be kept out of library. No bicycles permitted within the Library building.

4)  You must not damage any Library property. This includes writing in or marking books and journals, and removing pages, labels or any part of Library materials.

5)  Smoking and the use of matches or lighters are strictly prohibited in any part of the Library.

6)  You may not reserve reading places.

7)  During library hours coats, bags and umbrellas can be left in the cloakroom and personal belongings in cloakroom lockers.

The Librarian may impose fines on users, or suspend or withdraw their membership of the Library in whole or in part, if they contravene these Regulations.

2  Borrowing Regulations

1)  Don't lend your card to someone else. It belongs only to you. You are responsible for the materials borrowed with it.

2)  Lost library cards must be reported immediately to the library. This permits us to place a borrowing stop on your card to prevent another patron using it to borrow materials. There is a 10.00 CNY fee for replacing a lost library card.

3)  The SUL is on open-access shelving, so readers have unrestricted access to all books, journals and newspapers.

4)  Users may not take any item out of the Library without completing the appropriate loan procedures. They may be required to satisfy the librarian that any Library items being taken out of the Library have been duly borrowed.

5)  Return all borrowed material on time. Borrowers who have overdue material will not be entitled to additional borrowing privileges until all delinquent items are returned.

6)  In case borrowed materials are returned late, are lost or damaged, pay the required charges. An individual who owes the library money forfeits his/her right to borrow material until the past due account is settled with the library.

3.  Loan Quota, Loan Periods and Overdue Fine

Loan Periods Fines and Fees


Loan Quota (items)

Loan Periods (days)

Overdue Fine (CNY/day)

Staff and Graduate







Short loans




4.  Penalty

The Librarian may impose fines on users, or suspend or withdraw their membership of the Library in whole or in part, if they contravene these Regulations.

Readers and borrowers shall be held responsible for any loss or damage occurring to books in their charge, and they shall be required to pay the full cost of replacement copies. Reader should not deface or mark any books either by writing, turning down the leaves.

Replacement Costs for Lost or Damaged Items


Approved Charges

Maximum Fine (per item)

Defacing books or journals

1 CNY/page

5 times of original

Tearing out books or journals

2 CNY/page

Damaging bar code

2 CNY/barcode




Full cost of replacement + 2 CNY/book


Before 1989

10 times of original


After 1990

5 бл 10 times of original



2 бл 5 times of original series/book


Foreign original edition

2 бл 5 times of original


Gravure (before 1989)

20 бл 30 times of original


Donated books

Implement as above



Before 1989

20 times of original


After 1990

10 times of original


Journals and newspapers

5 times of annual price


Foreign original edition

2 бл 10 times of original


Gravure (before 1989)

30 times of original


Donated books

Implement as above



5 бл 10 CNY


If a patron pays for replacement of an item but later finds it and returns it to the Library, the replacement cost of the material is refunded, less the amount of the processing fee and overdue fines accrued between the due date of the item and the patron's payment of replacement cost.



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